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Submit your idea for the Veneto Region

The “Veneto stars” challenge is looking for teams of passionate, talented European innovators aged 18 – 25 who have an idea to solve challenges in the Cultural Heritage and UNESCO sites by using space data. From 1st February to 3rd May teams can submit their ideas and get their chance to move in the next phase.

In fact, by April 19th, ten ideas/concepts will be selected and the correspondent teams will be awarded with a stay in Venice, where they’ll discover opportunities in the area, visit research centres and present their ideas during the Space Meetings Veneto event in May 2024, where the winner will be chosen by a jury of experts and professionals from the space sector.

The winning team will be awarded with a one-week stay in Veneto in June to concretely apply their idea, with the support of experts. With this project, the Veneto Region aims to become a reference point for digital innovation, particularly for dynamic and enterprising young Europeans.

The Veneto Region aims to become a reference point for Digital Innovation, and an attractive territory for dynamic and enterprising Young Europeans.


The challenge is open to teams composed of fresh graduates, students, and young professionals aged 18-25, resident in EEA+Switzerland. Teams can be made of 2 to 7 members and shall use space data to address specific challenges of the Veneto Region.


The Veneto stars challenge ideas submission is open from 1st February to 3 rd May 2024. The 10 best teams will be notified by April 19th and invited to pitch their project in Venice during the Space Meetings Veneto, to happen from 20 to 22 May 2024. The pitch competition winning team will be invited to a one-week tailor-made program that includes meetings, coaching and advisory activities to run a pilot test in a real environment in the Veneto Region. The terms of the Challenge are outlined in the participant guide at


To challenge yourself and get the chance of applying your idea in a real context
To be sponsored to visit Italy and especially the Veneto Region innovation ecosystem
To attend the space meetings Veneto and get a great exposure to the space sector stakeholders
To meet local stakeholders in the space and non-space sectors
To get in touch with potential investors, partners and mentors to boost your idea


What do You Need? A small team and a Great Idea!
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