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The final step of Veneto Stars 2024 has taken place!

Publication date: 07.08.2024

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The final step of Veneto Stars 2024 has taken place!

The final event featured participation from the European Space Agency, the University of Padua TESAF, and the ESA BIC startup incubator in Padua. It was a closing moment but, more importantly, a chance for participants and experts to exchange ideas. This dialogue further fueled the concepts presented at the Space Meeting Veneto, held in May at the VTP Passeggeri in Venice.

“Today we officially close the second edition of VeneTo Stars. We’ve come a long way: today marks the final step of an exciting journey that began in January in Brussels at the European Parliament, where we officially launched the challenge. This was followed by a promotion in April at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris,” said Calzavara, Veneto Digital Agenda Councilor. “Thanks to this ‘road show,’ numerous under-25 Europeans have engaged in designing services, applications, or even ‘experiments’ that, leveraging the properties of space data, can help safeguard, monitor, or enhance the vast cultural heritage and UNESCO sites recognized in our region. The three winning solutions address three fundamental assets for Veneto’s economy: tourism with coastal protection, historic cities, and the excellence of the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, which will celebrate the 5th anniversary of their World Heritage status on Sunday.”

The three winning teams (two Italian and one French), awarded during the Space Meetings Veneto, were hosted in Veneto and participated in a week-long coaching program to refine their projects and gain useful technical and entrepreneurial knowledge. The experience was further enriched with visits to two UNESCO sites in the region (the Prosecco Hills and the Venice Lagoon), which allowed them to better understand the territory, address real needs, and test their ideas in the field.

“The hope is that these projects can find practical applications, thereby providing important insights and responses to real needs and issues,” concluded Calzavara. “The spirit with which we continue to invest in Space Meetings Veneto and VeneTo Stars is precisely to provide an opportunity for all young Europeans, so that they can find occasions in Veneto to realize their great space ideas.”