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Veneto stars at Space Meetings Veneto 2024

Publication date: 05.28.2024

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Veneto stars at Space Meetings Veneto 2024

The success of Space Meetings Veneto 2024, applauded by some government representatives such as Adolfo Urso, Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy, and the Veneto Region, was largely due to the significant participation and dialogue among the leading global operators in the space economy on the application of space technologies in various sectors that drive the national economy.

Space Meetings Veneto was made possible thanks to the commitment of the Veneto Region and the Regional Innovative Network AIR – Aerospace Innovation and Research. They mapped and connected all the region’s top entities to build a true “ecosystem” that brings together public institutions, universities, research centers, and companies, making Veneto one of Italy’s leading regions in the aerospace supply chain, generating about 2 billion euros in revenue and employing more than 5,000 people across 65 companies.

Some numbers from Space Meetings Veneto 2024: 50 panels; 150 speakers; 2,500 attendees including participants and visitors, of which 500 were students; 5,000 B2B meetings organized; 250 aerospace companies from 25 different countries; 150 Italian and international buyers; 25 European startups.

We hosted the finalists for 3 days during the Space Meetings Veneto. Everyone presented their spatial ideas and 3 equal winners were announced. The winners: Thermix, Safeguarding the Prosecco Hills, Using Satellite Data to track Coastal erosion in the Venetian Region.

Agenda Digitale del Veneto contributed by organizing 3 events and involving institutional and business partners to discuss issues that positively impact the development of our region. Through cross-sectional and international approaches, the evolution of the space industry across various sectors such as sports, health, and agriculture was explored.